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Three Types Of Online Courses That People Love

UNITED STATES—Online education has been one of the hottest subjects in a society that has had to adjust to the effects of the coronavirus...

The Benefits Of Remote Learning

UNITED STATES—Without a high-quality education, it is not easy to find a decent, well-paid job, make a brilliant career, achieve success in a profession...

Online Fall Semester At LA Community Colleges, SMC

SANTA MONICA—As of April 30, Santa Monica College (SMC) as well as all 9 campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) have...

The NFL Draft Turns Remote

UNITED STATES—The NFL Draft has become an event not just for the draftees but for fans as well. In recent years, the league has...

Man Injured During Hike In Pacific Palisades

PACIFIC PALISADES—A man was seriously injured after falling in remote terrain during a hike through the Santa Monica Mountains in Pacific Palisades on Saturday,...
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