Tag: Republican Party

Impeaching President Trump

UNITED STATES—We are just over a year before the U.S. Presidential election.  The Democrats in Congress have gathered 231 votes in favor of impeaching...

2020 Voters Guide

UNITED STATES— The top contenders for President are listed below in a 2020 Voters Guide courtesy of Canyon-News.  More information can be found on...

Politically Working Together People

UNITED STATES—I thought in 2008 when Barack Obama became President of the United States was bad, I mean a Democrat was in office and...

Donald Trump Fundraises In Bel Air

BEL AIR—Donald Trump held a fundraiser in Bel Air on Thursday, July 14, with a top ticket price of $449,400-per-couple. The gathering was held before...

Debates, Debates, Debate!

UNITED STATES—It’s hard to believe it is only November and the Republican candidates vying for the Presidential nomination have already had a total of...

Climate Change Legislation Signed By Governor Brown

GRIFFITH PARK—On Wednesday, October 7, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation SB-350 at the Griffith Park Observatory. The signed legislation states that it is mandatory...
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