Tag: Returns

The New Return Policy

UNITED STATES—Something that has recently changed in the retail industry, something that has raised my eyebrows and made me think: hmm, is that a...

Returning That Unwanted Christmas Gift

UNITED STATES—Did you get a gift for Christmas that just wasn’t your cup of tea? Did you get something for the holiday that you...

The Christmas Return Rush Begins

UNITED STATES—For many Americans, we have finally been able to take a deep breathe. Why? Christmas is over, rejoice, but at the same time,...

Return Mayhem At Retailers

UNITED STATES—Well it seems 2020 is finally coming to an end America. I will admit that 2020 has been one of the longest years...

Return Season Is Upon Us!

UNITED STATES─It is perhaps one of the biggest times of the years for retailers, and I’m not referring to the Christmas shopping season, it’s...
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