Tag: Ridley Scott

Shopping Or Movies?

HOLLYWOOD—The race is on once again for the holiday shopping. Bargain hunters continue to venture out looking for great deals from computers to flat-screen...

Ridley Scott Receiving DGA Lifetime Achievement Award

BEVERLY HILLS—Ridley Scott will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Director’s Guild of America for his accomplishments as a director. Scott will receive the...

The Sequel Debate: “Aliens”

HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who is a film buff, is well aware that sequels suck. I no longer believe it is a notion of opinion, because it’s...

Directors Guild Of America Announces Nominees

HOLLYWOOD—What a lot of people may not know about awards season is there are nominations that take place from the Writers Guild of America,...

“Exodus” Lacks Compelling Charm

HOLLYWOOD—Tackling biblical epics is no easy task to do. While there have been films in the past that have ignited a firestorm with movie...
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