Tag: right to die

Evolution Of: Suicide

UNITED STATES—Even those raised without GOD know the answer to what religion says about killing yourself: IT'S A SIN! When I started researching the evolution of...

Evolution Of: Self-Harm

UNITED STATES—Evolution of Self Harm. We are coming up upon December 23, the anniversary of the day in 1888 that Vincent Van Gogh chopped off...

Governor Jerry Brown Passes ‘End Of Life Option Act’ In California

CALIFORNIA—Governor Jerry Brown signed bill a on September 5 at the California Assembly to pass a new bill that would allow terminally ill, but competent...

Terminally Ill Californian’s Fight For Right To Die

CALIFORNIA–On May 15, Compassion & Choices filed a suit against the state of California on behalf of three terminally ill Californians for the right...
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