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“Survivor 42” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—Well, I must say season 42 of “Survivor” has been far more entertaining than its predecessor. It felt like people were actually playing to...

“Survivor 42” Recap: ‘Game Of Chicken’

HOLLYWOOD—Chaos is upon on the latest episode of “Survivor 42.” Last week’s episode was slightly slow, but ‘Game of Chicken’ was a huge episode...

“Survivor 42” Recap: ‘You Can’t Hide On Survivor’

HOLLYWOOD—Well, remnants of “Survivor 41” is being felt in the latest episode of “Survivor 42” with the fake merge and that hourglass twist. The...

“Survivor 42” Recap: ‘I’m Survivor Rich’

HOLLYWOOD—I really am enjoying the latest season of “Survivor” it has a dynamic group of characters and we’re seeing things constantly shift amongst the...
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