Tag: romance

“Age Of Adaline” An Enchanting Tale

HOLLYWOOD—Its not quite easy to categorize “The Age of Adaline.” Upon first glance, I immediately considered it to be a timeless romance, but upon...

“The Longest Ride” Delivers Same Formula

HOLLYWOOD—For those movie lovers longing for romance, the wait is over, but it might be a bit cliché. “The Longest Ride” starring Scott Eastwood...

“Fifty Shades Of Grey” Fizzles On Romance

HOLLYWOOD—There are those movies that surprise you, then there are those movies that really surprise you. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is one of those...

The Four Stages Of Dating Theory

BEVERLY HILLS—Of my eleven closest girlfriends, I had the fewest relationship problems. My ongoing examination of why they were continuously crushed by their short-lived...

“Reign” Recap: ‘Acts Of War’

HOLLYWOOD—"Reign" just keeps bringing the thunder with the plot twists and the scheming that must have been inevitable in France while Mary and Francis...

CW’s “Reign” Thrills Each Week

HOLLYWOOD—The CW network has just begun to air the second season of “Reign,” a drama surrounding the life of Mary Queen of Scots that...
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