Tag: rude

Customer Service Is Important!

UNITED STATES—I know I have had this discussion before in the past, but it seems that customer service is NOT as important as some...

Toxicity In Politics In America

UNITED STATES—There is just too much toxicity in America right now. I say that because it seems the level of hatred and just despicable...

Patience Is Lacking America!

UNITED STATES—What are we doing America, where nowadays we cannot seem to utter two simple words: EXCUSE ME! Ugh, this drives me absolutely bonkers...

Rich Money, Poor Attitude

UNITED STATES—We hear it time and time again, that the rich live a lifestyle that is extravagantly different from the poor. Is this a...

Customer Service Nightmare

UNITED STATES—Trust me, the tale I’m about to share with you is based on actual events, things that literally transpired for the past 3...
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