Tag: Ryan Lochte

“Celebrity Big Brother” Season 2 Cast Revealed!

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a die-hard fan of “Big Brother” and loved, and I mean loved the notion of “Celebrity Big Brother” last winter. However, this is...

Ryan Lochte Accepts 14-Month Suspension

UNITED STATES—U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte, 33, has been suspended for 14 months for receiving an unsanctioned intravenous infusion. Two months ago, Lochte posted a...

Amber Rose Joining “Dancing With The Stars” Cast

HOLLYWOOD—The new cast for the fall 2016 season of “Dancing With the Stars” was unveiled on Tuesday, August 30 and there are plenty of...

The Olympic Scandal

UNITED STATES—For the past few weeks, all people could talk about were the 2016 Rio Olympics with positive outcomes. Well, it looks like the...
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