Tag: sacrifice

Take A Leap Of Faith With Your Dream Job

UNITED STATES—What is your dream job? What is that one thing that brings you a level of joy and happiness that nothing else in...

Some Of Us Work Holidays!

UNITED STATES—For the first time, since I can remember the Fourth of July holiday falls during a tricky time this year. Why? It falls...

Why Some Work And Others Refuse To Work

UNITED STATES—Work, it is something most Americans dread, but we understand it is a must as an adult. It’s how you keep a roof...

Inspired To Dream

UNITED STATES—A dream: it’s something many of us hold onto with unbelievable power. We all have dreams, we all have aspirations, but for many...

Fat Tuesday Madness

UNITED STATES—Well, it’s Fat Tuesday people, meaning it’s an opportunity to indulge in all things bad for your body as you begin to give...
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