Tag: San Andreas

“Inside Out” Unable To Beat “Jurassic World”

HOLLYWOOD—So many predicted that “Jurassic World” would dominate the box-office without any competition this weekend, unfortunately they were wrong. While “Jurassic World” maintained first...

“Spy” Wins The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Another weekend at the box-office, another new champion. I will acknowledge this was a dog fight at the box-office this weekend, but “Spy” managed...

“San Andreas” Rattles Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well a disaster movie took the top spot at the box-office, as “San Andreas” rattled moviegoers with an impressive $53.2 million. Many speculated that...

“San Andreas” A Visual Thrill-Ride

HOLLYWOOD—Disaster movies are quite fun. Notably because they take the idea of the extreme and throw every possible facet in the audience’s face. The...
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