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City Of Malibu Prepares Residents For Wildfires

MALIBU—On Wednesday, July 21, the city of Malibu initiated a grant-funded tree removal and chipper program to help residents in the community prepare for...

Quarter-Acre Brush Fire Snuffed Out Along Topanga Canyon

TOPANGA CANYON—Firefighters extinguished an expanding brush fire in Topanga Canyon on Tuesday, October 27,  in what potentially marked the first wildfire of many throughout...

Red Flag Warning In Effect Until Tuesday Evening

MALIBU—The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning to remain in effect from Monday at 5:00 a.m. until Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. for...

Red Flag Fire Warning For Santa Monica Mountains

MALIBU—A red flag fire warning has been announced for the Santa Monica Mountains. The warning is scheduled to last from Friday, October 13 to...

Santa Ana Winds Call For Red Flag Warning

MALIBU—People across the southland have noticed an increase in warm temperatures for the beginning of February. Santa Ana winds throughout Southern California has caused warm...

Red Flag Warning Due To Santa Ana Winds

MALIBU—On Friday, October 30, strong Santa Ana winds hit Southern California, causing small brush fires and power outages. United States National Weather Service issued a...
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