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State Grants Given To UCLA Scientists Researching COVID-19 Treatment

WESTWOOD─ On Friday, June 12, University of California Los Angeles announced that two of its scientists have received separate state grants for their potential...

UCLA Scientists Lead $10 Million California State Environmental Project

WESTWOOD—UCLA scientists are leading the new California Conservation Genomics Project, a $10 million project funded by the state to assist California state officials in...

“Hitman: Agent 47,” Flashes Of Action, Lacks Story

HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who plays video games might be well aware of the hit game "Hitman." In 2007, the video game got the big screen treatment...

“The Lazarus Effect” Raises Some Questions

HOLLYWOOD—The prospect of the dead coming back to life has been something Hollywood has been tackling from the dawn of cinema. From zombies to...

Santa Monica To Look Into Air Contaminants

SANTA MONICA—Scientists have recently begun to study private aircraft emissions which could cause health problems at high concentrations. The City Council of Santa Monica...
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