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Break-Up (5)

UNITED STATES—A guy walked by on the sidewalk with a T-shirt of Mickey Mouse hoisting a bowling ball with a sparking wick. “Like your shirt!” The...

Joel Osteen: God’s Parenting Coach!

UNITED STATES—July is PURPOSEFUL PARENTING MONTH! The month is almost over but you were unaware? That's because it doesn’t seem to get as much...

Evolution Of: Being Differently Abled

UNITED STATES—Being disabled is not the death sentence it used to be, at least not here in America. Infanticide is a daily occurrence in other...

ANTI-Mentoring = Refusing To Parent!

UNITED STATES—"A TORN JACKET IS SOON MENDED, BUT HARD WORDS BRUISE THE HEART OF THE CHILD," Longfellow.  A century ago socioeconomic factors were blamed, but...

Evolution Of: Self-Harm

UNITED STATES—Evolution of Self Harm. We are coming up upon December 23, the anniversary of the day in 1888 that Vincent Van Gogh chopped off...
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