Tag: shade trees

Trees Naturally Dominate Their Gardens

UNITED STATES—Trees are generally the most significant living components within a home garden. Even treeless gardens benefit from nearby trees. Some old redwoods contain...

Shade Trees Are Adapting To Urbanism

UNITED STATES—Modern urban home gardens are shadier and more confined than older suburban home gardens originally were. Modern homes are both taller and closer...

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns

UNITED STATES—Oak, which might seem to be obvious to many of us, was identified by the Arbor Day Foundation as the People's Choice for...

How Shade Is Made

UNITED STATES—Many of our trees live at our homes longer than we do. Some of our trees were there before we got there. Some...

Streets Are Cooler With Shade

UNITED STATES—There really is no such thing as a perfect tree. Some are not quite as messy as others. Some have better structural integrity...

Evergreen Trees Have Their Place

UNITED STATES—Deciduous trees that were bare all winter are now foliating and making shade. They sure will be appreciated when the weather gets warmer...
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