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“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Open Your Eyes’

HOLLYWOOD─It was the penultimate episode of the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” before the mid-season finale which is slated to transpire next week....

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Bonds’

HOLLYWOOD─Last week we witnessed Alpha and ‘The Whisperers’ implementing their plan to deliver a blow to our protagonists. This week we saw the ramifications...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘What It Always Is’

HOLLYWOOD—This was indeed an interesting episode of “The Walking Dead” as it became clear ‘The Whisperers’ have a bigger plan in place to teach...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Guardians’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Alpha made her presence strongly felt on “The Walking Dead.” This week audiences got another opportunity to see how ruthless this woman...
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