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Stars Sing Songs Of Hope, “Anything Is Possible!”

HELLO AMERICA!─As usual America’s most talented artists eagerly come to the aid of those who need support in dealing with the current challenge of...

Superstars On Tour!

HOLLYWOOD—So many musicians and aspiring singers believe that getting signed with a label, even an indie label is better than nothing. While some may...

The Music Business Is Tough!

HOLLYWOOD—The music business is a very tough business. You have to put in your time, and be great. You really have to be amazing...

Pointer Sisters – We’re Still Here!

HELLO AMERICA!—During my last appearance in San Francisco, I received numerous questions about the beloved Pointer Sisters. People wanted to know anything and everything about...

Meet Musician Bret Mikels, Interview

HOLLYWOOD—In this business you meet many singers and musicians; however, the joy of this job is finding the latest hit before the rest of...
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