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SMC To Remain Remote-Only For Summer 2021

SANTA MONICA- On Thursday, January 21, Santa Monica College (SMC) announced that they will remain remote-only for the Summer 2021 term, with the exception...

SMC Receives $2 Million State Innovation Award

SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica College (SMC) has won a $2 million award for Innovation in Higher Education, to develop a planning tool that will help increase...

SMC Tops Transfer To UC List Again

SANTA MONICA—For the 26th year in a row, Santa Monica College (SMC) has topped the list of community colleges in California for transferring the...

UCLA Students Create Bruin Shelter

WESTWOOD—A group of students led by UCLA doctoral candidate Louis Tse co-founded the Bruin Shelter. The shelter is the only second student-run shelter of...

Former Santa Monica College Trustee Dies

SANTA MONICA—Former member of the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees and retired Judge of the Superior Court, David B. Finkel, has died at...
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