Tag: SNES Classic

Why Is Gaming So Addictive?

UNITED STATES—Back when I was a kid I was considered the gamer of gamers. I had this unique ability to strategize in my head...

The NES Classic Is Mine!

UNITED STATES—Something great has transpired in the world of video games in the past 2 years. First, Nintendo released the NES Classic, which flew...

“Super Metroid” Is Indeed A Classic!

UNITED STATES—I’ve always had a knack for video games ever since I was a little kid. I haven’t played them much since my teenage...

“Secret Of Mana” Is A Classic

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve talked about my gaming past some time ago. Like I told so many people who ask me why I no longer play video...

The Video Game King Returns!

UNITED STATES—I used to think for years that writing was my primary solace when it comes to relaxing the mind. However, I’ve come to...

The Gamer Inside Of Me!

UNITED STATES—I haven’t played a video game in nearly 20 years America. Yes, it really has been that long for me. So last week...
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