Tag: society

Keeping Up With Technology Trends

UNITED STATES—Tuesday, September 10 was a big day for Apple as they announced details regarding new products including the latest cellphone amongst other things....

Malibu To Address Threatening Matters

MALIBU—The Malibu City Council will address topics including terrorism and natural disasters during a Town Hall on Thursday, September 28, at 7:00 p.m. “We are...

Citizens For A Surveilled America

UNITED STATES—Can you imagine how different the movie 1984 would have been if George Orwell wrote his “uncompromising vision of the future” during our...

The Opinionated Truth

UNITED STATES—Speaking the truth can sometimes be a good thing, but at other times it opens the floor for debates that are never ending....

Colorblind Reality

UNITED STATES—The recent scandal involving NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal’s race has a ton of people in uproar. Here is a woman that from most...

Marijuana Is Not All Good

UNITED STATES—For years there has been an ongoing debate on rather marijuana is a dangerous drug. While it’s still illegal under federal law, many...
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