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Fun Ideas For Your Next Night In

UNITED STATES—Whether you are searching for a fun new way to spend a night in or just need some ideas, this list is sure...

Songs And Games For The Birthday Party

UNITED STATES—For a fact, birthday parties exude immense fun for guests, more so, if they get to partake in thrilling activities (with small prizes...

They Call Him Kamel Oran’s Dream Boy

HELLO AMERICA!—He was basically educated as an electrician, but his dream was always to perform as an actor-musician in front of the camera in...

Making It In The Recording Industry!

HOLLYWOOD—If you want to make it in the music industry, you need to know a few things in order to be successful. Think of...

Morrissey’s “Low In High School” Album Review

UNITED STATES—"No Man is an Island" recited English poet John Donne. Clearly, he never met Morrissey. Across 11 studio albums both alone and as frontman of The Smiths,...
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