Tag: Sonny Corinthos

Sonny Corinthos Arrested On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, it has happened people, but are the charges going to stick? I’m referring to mobster Sonny Corinthos being arrested last week on “General...

Sonny Corinthos Returns On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mobster is back people on “General Hospital!” Yes, after nearly 9 months, yes, the audience was reminded of that tidbit multiple times...

Jason Morgan Shot On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I did not expect to write a summary this week on the ABC soap “General Hospital,” but things have been so interesting lately I...

Ava Jerome Exposed At Last On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself people! The past 2 weeks of the ABC soap “General Hospital” has been so juicy good,...

Death Rattles “General Hospital” With Morgan’s Demise

HOLLYWOOD—Normally, I would not do 2 columns on the same soap in back-to-back weeks, but “General Hospital” has been so good lately I can’t...

Mob War Heats Up On “GH”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have expected the streets of Port Charles to heat up from behind bars? Not me, but it appears “General Hospital” is setting...
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