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Chinese Researcher At Stanford Charges With Visa Fraud

SAN FRANCISCO­─Chen Song, a Chinese researcher at Stanford University, was charged with visa fraud and accused of lying about her identity as a member...

“Jason Bourne” Is Exhilarating, An Adrenaline Rush

HOLLYWOOD—I have been eagerly waiting for the return of Matt Damon to the “Bourne” franchise. I can honestly say this is the one franchise...

“Spy” Is Full Of Hilarity

HOLLYWOOD—It’s safe to say that “Bridesmaids” made Melissa McCarthy a comedic superstar. The actress grew to fame when director Paul Feig cast her in...

“Spy” Wins The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Another weekend at the box-office, another new champion. I will acknowledge this was a dog fight at the box-office this weekend, but “Spy” managed...
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