Tag: St. John’s Confidential File

“Straight Outta Compton” Dark, Insulting

HELLO AMERICA!—It doesn't matter how much money “Straight Outta Compton” is pulling, it still paints a dismal, depressing picture of thousands of hard-working, struggling...

Moments Playhouse: Open Door To Freedom!

HELLO AMERICA!—It is very unusual to find someone like Mohammed Jackson who is an actor, writer, producer and you-name-it in our midst today.  Usually we...

Showdown At Twin Bluffs

HELLO AMERICA!—It makes my day when I receive notice that my old buddy, director/producer Gerald Gordon has come up with yet another Tinseltown winner that...

Christopher Cavalier: Filmdom Renaissance Man

HELLO AMERICA!—When you recognize genius in the arts, it is impossible to ignore it.  When I first became aware of Christopher Cavalier, I was...
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