Tag: Student Athletes

Game Changer For Student-Athletes

UNITED STATES—The decision made the United States Supreme Court on Monday, June 21 in regards to compensation for student athletes, the NCAA and the...

UCLA Football Players Demand Third-Party Oversee Guidelines

WESTWOOD­—30 UCLA football players signed the document on Thursday, June 18 demanding the third-party health officials present at all of the athletic activities and...

Student Athletes Getting Compensation

UNITED STATES—I have been a major advocate for this for years. The fact that Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California has passed legislation that...

Governor Signs Legislation For Student Athletes To Make Money

CALIFORNIA—Deriding the NCAA, on Monday, September 30, California Governor Newsom signed legislation that will go into effect in 2023 for the Fair Pay to...

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

UNITED STATES—This is an age old debate that people have chatted about for years. However, I would like to bring an entirely new perspective...

UCLA Sending 36 Bruins To Rio 2016 Olympics

WESTWOOD—UCLA is sending 36 Bruins athletes to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Out of the 36, 29 include current, incoming or former student athletes....
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