Tag: Super Nintendo

Gaming Is Not What It Used To Be

UNITED STATES—I am a fan of old school gaming, but I feel like that world is no more. Why? It seems technology has advanced...

SNES Chronicles: “Zombies Ate My Neighbors”

UNITED STATES—If there was ever a game that I had a TON of fun playing with my siblings as a kid, it had to...

Old School Gaming: “Super Metroid”

UNITED STATES─After last week’s column where I discussed in detail my fondness of retro gaming and how it allows me to have a moment...

The Video Game King Returns!

UNITED STATES—I used to think for years that writing was my primary solace when it comes to relaxing the mind. However, I’ve come to...

The Gamer Inside Of Me!

UNITED STATES—I haven’t played a video game in nearly 20 years America. Yes, it really has been that long for me. So last week...
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