Tag: sustainability

Sustainability Is A Contradictory Fad

UNITED STATES—The original Dodge Dart, with the slant-six engine, was not much to look at, but was built to last. While cars were expected...

City Of Malibu Celebrating Earth Day

MALIBU—The city of Malibu will be celebrating the 46th anniversary of Earth Day with a series of events and tips throughout the month. From...

Breeze Bike Sharing Offers Membership

SANTA MONICA—On Thursday, August 13, the Breeze bike sharing program will launch a systems test that will last approximately 6 weeks at select locations. Breeze,...

Director James Cameron Designs Solar Sunflowers

MALIBU—Last weekend, on May 17, the sustainability-focused MUSE School unveiled five "Solar Sun Flowers", designed by "Avatar" director James Cameron. The flowers, which are 30 feet...
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