Tag: temper

Do Not Be An Emotional Mess

UNITED STATES—At times we can all be an emotional mess, it is difficult for some of us to control are emotions and not allow...

Curbing Temper Flare Ups

UNITED STATES—I know I have a temper and at times it flares up when I least expect it. It is not me being angry...

Things Learned In 2018

UNITED STATES—In a few days, 2018 will be no more and we will be ushering in 2019. Wow, it is really hard to believe...

Letting Go Of All The Small Stuff

UNITED STATES—This week I found myself in a bit of a predicament. I had to swallow my pride and apologize for being a complete...

Taming A Temper

UNITED STATES—We all cannot be happy 24 hours a day. There are just those moments where something transpires that makes the blood boil or...

Thomas Gibson Fired From “Criminal Minds”

HOLLYWOOD—Thomas Gibson, star of the long-running show "Criminal Minds" was fired on Friday, August 12 after he got into a physical altercation that occurred between him...
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