Tag: Tenet

“Tenet” Is An Absolute Mind-Bender!

HOLLYWOOD—Rarely do movies leave me speechless, but it seems every time I watch a Christopher Nolan film I feel like I’m in another universe....

AMC Theaters Reopening Now Delayed To August

AMERICA — On Thursday, July 23, AMC Theatres announced their plans to reopen its U.S. movie theaters in "mid to late August." “This new timing...

COVID-19 Strikes Hollywood Hard

HOLLYWOOD─All over the world artists are struggling due to the impact of COVID-19 on venues. From LA to Broadway to Europe, musicians are feeling...

Movie Mania Coming In 2020

HOLLYWOOD─Well 2019 is over, a new decade is year, and I will admit 2019 was not the greatest year for cinema in my personal...
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