Tag: The Exorcist

A History Lesson On Horror This October!

HOLLYWOOD—Well it is official America, the month of October has arrived and we are just a mere 3 weeks away from Halloween. For many...

Max Von Sydow Brilliant Actor To Be Remembered

HELLO AMERICA!─After hearing that actor Max Von Sydow passed, it was an extremely sad moment for me, as well as millions of others. Without...

What Ever Happened To Classic Horror?

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a horror buff, and I have been like that since I was a kid. A four-year-old to be exact; I know it sounds...

The Scariest Movie Of All-Time

UNITED STATES—Halloween is only a few more days away. While many of us will be taking the kiddies trick-or-treating or attending festive parties, many...

“The Exorcist” Not As Scary As You Think

HOLLYWOOD—Continuing our tradition to discuss those horror flicks that could be slightly underrated, this week’s discussion falls on a movie that is not underrated,...
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