Tag: the sixth sense

“Split” Is A Mind-Boggling Thrill-Ride

HOLLYWOOD—I love a good thriller, but I love a good thriller with a great twist even more. M. Night Shyamalan till this day delivered...

Bruce Willis No Love Regrets Or Career Choices

HELLO AMERICA!—There is one very independent actor in Hollywood who does things his own way whether you like it or not.  “I don’t kiss...

“Big Brother 17” Week 4 Chaos

HOLLYWOOD—Well it appears there is an alliance ruling the house this season on “Big Brother 17,” and it’s an alliance that is hard to...

“Big Brother 17” Week 3 Highlights

HOLLYWOOD—Well, week three of “Big Brother 17” proved to be a bit of the same. ‘The Sixth Sense’ alliance moved to the forefront to...
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