Tag: time off

Preparing For That Vacation

UNITED STATES─For so many Americans we do not take vacations like we should. It’s like we have that nagging fear of something bad happening...

Vacation More Often

UNITED STATES—Summer has arrived, and for many Americans the notion of taking a vacation has kicked into full gear. I always wondered why so...

Not Working When You’re Off Is Not Easy!

UNITED STATES—For most Americans, when you’re off work, you do your best to avoid answering the phone, checking emails or doing anything that is...

Overworked Americans

UNITED STATES—America we work too much. I mean I have heard about so many recent studies in the past few weeks that have revealed...

Americans Are Working Too Much!

UNITED STATES—We hear a new study every 6 months noting what all Americans know, but we have yet to do anything to change it....

Why Americans Take Less Vacation Time

UNITED STATES—It’s sad to even acknowledge that the summer months are quickly dwindling down and before you know it school will be back in...
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