Tag: Toni Says Medicare

Frequently Asked Toni Says Medicare Questions

UNITED STATES—This week’s Toni Says Medicare column has a different twist and consists of frequently asked Medicare questions from Toni Says® readers around the...

Not Enrolling In Right Medicare Plan Can Be Stressful!!

UNITED STATES—Morning Toni: When I first got Medicare, I picked a Medicare supplement plan F. The next year, I was approached by a telemarking...

Toni Says Medicare Helped Me Lower My Premium!

UNITED STATES—Toni: We get your column in our local papers. From you, I learned about Social Security’s “Life Changing Event” form (SSA-44) and the...

Does Medicare Supplement Cancel Medicare Advantage?

UNITED STATES—Toni: I’m shocked to discover that the Medicare Supplement my husband and I purchased last year did not disenroll us from the Medicare...
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