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“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” Is Nostalgic, Exciting Fun

HOLLYWOOD— “Ghostbusters” was the flick as a kid that I absolutely adored. I loved the foursome and the notion of capturing ghosts and so...

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” Is Pure Nostalgia

HOLLYWOOD—As a kid I was a huge and I mean huge fan of the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters” and its 1989 sequel. It was a...

“The Resident” Recap: ‘No Good Deed’

HOLLYWOOD—I have been a fan of the FOX series “The Resident” since it premiered back in 2018. It just felt fresh and completely different....

“AHS: 1984” Recap: ‘Final Girl’

HOLLYWOOD─I honestly thought last week’s episode of “AHS: 1984” was the season finale, but man was I duped. Why? Last week was the penultimate...

“AHS: 1984” Regains My Interest!

HOLLYWOOD—I was living and I mean living for this new season of “American Horror Story.” “AHS: 1984” which pays homage to the decade that...
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