Tag: Trump supporter

Trump Protester Knocked Out By BLM Supporter

PITTSFIELD, MA—While protesting Tuesday, September 8, a fight ensued between counter protesters, leaving an unidentified Trump Protester injured on the Coltsville intersection of Merrill...

Trump Supporters/Counter Protesters Clash In Beverly Hills

BEVERLY HILLS—An unlawful assembly was declared and one person was arrested in the Beverly Hills protest on Saturday, August 29. Supporters of President Donald...

Trump Supporters, Black Lives Matter Fight During Protest

BEVERLY HILLS—A protest transpired at Beverly Gardens Park on Saturday, August 22, where fist fights reportedly broke out between supporters of President Donald Trump...

Journalist Stabbed In Back By Portland Protester

PORTLAND—In the early morning of July 25, a known conservative journalist was allegedly stalked and stabbed by an Antifa activist while he was recording...

Milwaukee Trump and BLM Supporter Killed

MILWAUKEE — On Thursday, July 23, a Wisconsin man was gunned down outside of his store front that had signs posted in support of...
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