Tag: TV Series

Best Miniseries On Netflix

UNITED STATES—Nowadays entertainment is made readily available on streaming services such as Netflix with endless choices of movies and series. However, the platform that...

The Latest On Long-Awaited “Friends” Reunion

UNITED STATES—Friends was one of the most popular sitcoms of the nineties, gathering a huge following across the world. The lives of the six New...

“Fantasy Island” Is Nothing To Scream About

HOLLYWOOD─It is a new take on a TV classic, but it’s not as fun as one would think. I’m referring to “Fantasy Island” which...

Shannen Doherty Is Joining “90210” Series

HOLLYWOOD—Actress Shannen Doherty, 48, will be joining the new Beverly Hills "90210" reboot that is headed back to TV. The new series will be...

Glover’s “Atlanta” Picture Of Hell!

HELLO AMERICA!—When hearing that young Donald Glover, an actor, writer and director who has proven to so many in the entertainment industry he has...
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