Tag: U.S Department Of Defense

Pentagon Announces Deployment Of US Troops

UNITED STATES—The Pentagon has announced that the U.S. will join allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to support Ukraine by deploying additional...

Biden Discusses End Of War In Afghanistan

UNITED STATES—On Tuesday, August 31, President Joe Biden addressed the nation about the end of the war with Afghanistan. “We completed one of the biggest...

National Guard To Remain In Washington D.C.

UNITED STATES—On Tuesday, March 9, United States Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin III approved a request by U.S. Capitol Police to keep the...

U.S. Navy Seals Rescue Hostage In Nigeria

UNITED STATES—On October 31, U.S. Forces conducted a rescue hostage operation in northern Nigeria. U.S. Navy Seals elite Team 6 conducted the raid, identified...

Mohammad Javad Zarif Denied U.S. Visa

UNITED STATES−The United States government under the request of Secretary of Defense, Mike Pompeo, denied a visa of Iran’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister, Mohammad...
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