Tag: variegation

Colorful Foliage Without Colorful Bloom

UNITED STATES—Floral color gets most of the attention within home gardens through spring. It should. It is the most copious and most colorful of...

Ornamental Foliage Augments Spring Color

UNITED STATES—Spring bloom is the most colorful color in the garden here. It is not the only color though. Some deciduous foliage will provide...

Foliar Color Goes Beyond Simple Green

UNITED STATES—New England is famous for spectacular foliar color through autumn. Such color is merely seasonal though, and almost exclusive to deciduous vegetation. With...

Variegation And Other Foliar Color

UNITED STATES—Foliar color is not limited to autumn. Some deciduous plants display colorful foliage from spring to autumn. Then, some of these change color...

Variegated Foliage Brightens Shady Spots

UNITED STATES—Up at high elevations and out in deserts, where sunlight is most intense, plants can actually get more exposure than they need. The...
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