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Actress Reese Witherspoon Sells Two-Acre Vacation Home

MALIBU—Oscar-winning actress, and Nashville native, Reese Witherspoon has sold her $6.7 million vacation home, which she reportedly made a $500,000 profit after initially purchasing...

Vegetable Gardening Goes From Cool To Warm

UNITED STATES—The weather agrees with the calendar this year. It is time to start replacing remaining cool season vegetable plants with fresh warm season...

Squash For Autumn And Winter

UNITED STATES—Winter squash are not exactly the sort of cool season vegetables that their designation implies. They grow through the summer just like summer...

Get Cool Season Vegetable Plants Going

UNITED STATES—The difficult part will be removing the aging warm season vegetable plants while they are still trying to produce. That is one of...

Summer Vegetables Replace Winter Vegetables

UNITED STATES—Every year at about this time, there is the same concern that it is too early to put summer or warm season vegetables...

Junior Master Gardener Classes Start In January

BEVERLY HILLS—Classes for the Junior Gardener at Greystone Mansion & Gardens for kids 6 years to 12 years old will start on January 10...
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