Tag: Vice President Joe Biden

Biden’s Chinese Fund Transfers Posted On Social Media

UNITED STATES—On Friday, March 17, Turning Point USA’s, Benny Johnson shared Biden's documents on Twitter and on his podcast, The Benny Show...

DOJ Aware Of Unclassified Documents Joe Biden Possessed

WASHINGTON D.C.—On January 11, Biden aides found a second set of classified documents at  the Penn Biden Center. Attorney General,  Merrick Garland has...

Georgia RNC Lawsuit Demands Voting Accountability

UNITED STATES—On Tuesday, December 8, the Republican National Committee, and the Georgia Republican Party petitioned the State Election Board and Brad Raffensperger in his...

Allegations Of Election Fraud In Michigan And Wisconsin

UNITED STATES−A large influx of alleged voter fraud took place between Tuesday, November 3, and Wednesday, November 4. The state of Michigan received over...
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