Tag: VMA

Kendrick Lamar Big Winner At MTV Video Music Awards

HOLLYWOOD—I still find it slightly odd that MTV still promotes the Video Music Awards as some epic event considering they barely show music videos...

Kendrick Lamar Leads 2017 MTV VMA Contenders

HOLLYWOOD—Well it looks like the trend of eliminating gender specific categories is continuing with the MTV network. To be honest I think it's great...

Beyoncé Steals The Show At MTV Video Music Awards

NEW YORK, NY—It’s the music award show where anything can happen. Yep, the time has come for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and...

Beyoncé Leads MTV VMA Nominations

HOLLYWOOD—The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards unveiled its nominations for the upcoming ceremony on Tuesday, July 26. Leading all contenders is superstar Beyoncé with...
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