Tag: WGA

WGA And AMPTP Reach Agreement To End Writer’s Strike

HOLLYWOOD—It was announced on Tuesday, September 26 that the Writer’s Guild of America and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers that at 12:01...

The Strike Momentum Is Growing

UNITED STATES—First we had the Writers Guild of America striking in May, then you had actors strike with SAG-AFTRA in the summer, now you...

Could SAG-AFTRA Strike Bring Hollywood To Its Knees?

HOLLYWOOD—Some big news recently came to light in the recent week where SAG-AFTRA could possibly strike if a deal is not reached with AMPTP...

Mass Firings Of Agents In Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD—Hollywood writers have begun a mass firing of agents as a result of major agencies hesitation to sign code-of-conduct letters that would prevent the...
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