Tag: Winds

Red Flag Warning Due To Santa Ana Winds

PACIFIC PALISADES—Wind gusts on Friday, December 4 pose a fire risk throughout Los Angeles. Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry downslope winds. The...

Heavy Winds Approaching Area

MALIBU/SANTA MONICA—High winds are expected to transpire in Santa Monica, Malibu and Hollywood Hills on Sunday, October 8 and Monday, October 9. The National...

Hurricane Irma Strikes

UNITED STATES—The United States has been battered with some extreme weather in the past few weeks. First, Hurricane Harvey unleashed devastation through various parts...

Massive Storm To Hit Southern California

CALIFORNIA—A massive storm is expected to arrive Friday, February 17 with heavy rain and strong winds, according to a National Weather Service report issued Wednesday...

Wind Uproots Massive Tree, Crushing Moving Car

BEVERLY HILLS—Violent wind up to 55 mph wreaked havoc across Los Angeles on March 24 and continued into Wednesday morning, knocking out power in thousands...

Santa Ana Winds Knock Out Power

CALIFORNIA—Power was being restored Sunday, January 25 after thousands of people lost electricity in Southern California. The winds reached up to 89 mph and caused...
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