Tag: winter berries

Winter Berries Attract Migrating Birds

UNITED STATES—Bloom and colorful foliage provide most of the color besides green within home gardens during spring and summer. Deciduous foliage becomes more colorful...

Berries Are Showing Color For Winter

UNITED STATES—Nothing lasts forever. Spring flowers fade. Summer fruit gets eaten. Fall color falls from the trees and gets raked away. Berries and other...

Berries For Color In Winter

UNITED STATES—In milder climates of California, where many of us expect at least a few flowers to bloom right through winter, autumn foliar color...

Colorful Berries Feed Overwintering Birds

UNITED STATES—Plants compensate for their immobility by procuring the services of animals and insects. They bloom with flowers that attract pollinators with colors, fragrances...

Berries Are For The Birds

UNITED STATES—It is probably no coincidence that certain berries and small fruits are so colorful through winter while colorful flowers are relatively scarce. Like...
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