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Just Too Young!

HOLLYWOOD—We are only in March, yet we have lost celebrities, that were just too young to die. Despite not knowing all celebrities personally, their...

Mountain Lions Identified In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—Two young adult male mountain lions were recently captured by rangers in Santa Monica. The mountain lions, known as P-55 and P-56, will...

Generations Molded By Technology

UNITED STATES—We do indeed live in a world that is driven by technology. I mean if I was to ask someone what a landline...

Wiser With Age

UNITED STATES—I want to pose a question to everyone, do we actually get wiser with age? Most people would say yes, but it begs...

Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail Time

SANTA MONICA—Actress Lindsay Lohan will avoid jail time after completing 125 hours of community service ordered by the court. "I believe she has successfully completed her...

All Work And No Play

UNITED STATES—By now, I know most of you have heard about that trend of all work and no play, but why has that theory...
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