HELLO AMERICA!—Obviously Taraji P. Henson is taking her “Empire” character of ‘Cookie’ extremely serious even when she takes off the makeup and transforms herself back into her original self. The actress recently let it be known that she was furious with the police covering the University of Southern California campus who profiled her son Marcel, who was considering attending the university.

The idea that he was stopped and questioned because he had his hands in his pocket is intolerable. Further, she was not going to spend $50,000 for that kind of treatment. “I’m sending my son to Howard University,” she stated. “This kind of treatment is unacceptable and it won’t be tolerated!”

Well, Taraji, in case you’re not up on the national news reports these days because this kind of treatment is not restricted to the area of my old university U.S.C., but throughout the nation. Sending your son Marcel to Howard will not free him from that kind of inspection, especially in Washington D.C. Your special claim to fame does not protect you from any of the racist treatment that millions of other people are forced to deal with on a daily basis. No matter how many nominations you receive as an actress or what kind of hit show you star in on the tube, you are still a person of color.

Get real, Taraji, look at what is actually happening in Washington when it comes to Women’s Rights, Health Care, education fees and costs and even the RIGHT to vote!? Even in our industry that is purportedly liberal and a symbol of openness, productions involving stories and issues representing people of color, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians are forced to take a backseat when tempting to reach an audience in a theatre supported by the general public.

Sadly, the men and women who operate these public venues stem from places that fester the same kind of hate, ignorance and stupidity they were programmed to ingest as youngsters. They don’t know any better. What your son, Marcel, is experiencing is a raw taste of an America we all are struggling to change.

So, don’t get on your high horse of achievement and believe that it will make a difference where you decide to send your son to school. It will take more than your pontificating some of your ‘Cookie’ character lines to change things. We have all experienced horrendous social transgressions, but with grace and determination, it might sound trite but we will over come!