WEST HOLLYWOOD—West Hollywood, a place where your dreams can come true.  Canyon News had the pleasure to interview owner/operator Florence “Flo” Witherspoon of Taylor Rose Hair Studio located in West Hollywood.  It is difficult to find a hair salon that offers top notch hair care; quality customer service, product knowledge, professionalism and master stylists, but Taylor Rose Hair Studio is the place.

The establishment has a welcoming and chic vibe with a twist of Beverly Hills décor.  This is a salon for all offering diversity, updated styles, education of hair care, skin care and much more.  Your experience will be one to talk about and to share with others.

Taylor Rose salon has become a labor of love and a lifelong dream for Florence Witherspoon. Flo has always had a passion to become a hair stylist and be the best since the age of eight.  She recalled having the opportunity to attend beauty school during her senior year of high school and graduated with honors.  Flo acknowledged that it has not always been easy. “It is hard work to build a business in a climate that is constantly changing,” says Witherspoon.  That is why she prides herself on hiring the best stylists and integrating diversity in her salon.  Things may change, but how you make people feel is what people remember!  Customer service is priority.  You must master your craft.

Taylor Rose Hair Salon is a one stop shop that caters to all hair types, styles, and most importantly diversity in the community. The company aims to serve the people based on their needs.

Taylor Rose originated because Flo wanted a salon in an area that host a large community of diverse backgrounds.  Hollywood offers so many opportunities with the least restrictions to follow your dreams. She came to Hollywood with her own dream and opened a small 500 square feet salon a few blocks down the street in 2012. Fast forward to 2017 where Flo re-opened Taylor Rose Hair Studio now 2000 square feet which offers master stylist, esthetician, skin care, facials, quality hair styles and much more.  She stated she wanted to create an environment where people could feel special, receive quality service in a chic location at a fair price.

Inteiror look of Taylor Rose Hair Salon.

Florence noted that you must stay in tuned to the trends and styles of the masses.  She stated Beyonce’ and the Kardanshians have influenced the industry with braiding and hair extensions and the trend is not stopping.  Braids have been around for centuries transcending across all cultures; but the popularity recently increased because of the hip hop culture, social media etc. Braids are so diverse; “I have had people come from as far as Japan to get braids.  I look at hair as a language of its own,” states Flo, “It is all in how you Rock it.”

She is often asked in consultations about YouTube; and she made it clear to Canyon News that people should be very clear YouTube University has not issued any license by the State of California.  There are many corrections that we fix based on the use of a video that has been downloaded; YouTube University does not specialize in hair care, proper technique, or product knowledge.  So beware. The stylists at Taylor Rose Hair Studio make an appointment for a consultation to make the necessary corrections and educate the customers for free. As a result the customers leave happy and feeling good about their outcome.

In Hollywood the transgender community is very prevalent and this establishment welcomes the public without exception. Taylor Rose prides itself with treating everyone with respect and dignity. Taylor Rose Hair Studio is here to make a difference and welcome everyone.

Florence stated that the salon hosts charity events and work with the homeless population in the community.  She believes in giving back to the community.  They have given blankets and clothing to the homeless and this year Florence indicated that she is going to provide hygiene kits to those in need.  She informed Canyon News that the homeless population is a growing epidemic and everyone needs to get involved.

When asked what celebrity clientele she had the opportunity to serve, Flo smiled and stated many and very honored to do so.  Actresses like Claudia Jordan, Raven Symone, Annie Ilonzeh, Heidi Klum; events like the Emmys, the Oscars, Television and music videos on and on.  She stated that celebrities love Taylor Rose because it is a place where they can come and be “normal” without all the hype.  “We are professionals providing a service,” said Flo.

Florence “Flo” Witherspoon.

When asked by Canyon News what is something people would be surprised to learn about her? She responded that she is a Certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf.  “I was certified at the highest level in college and it is my second passion.  I love it! It is bringing people together that communicate in a different language. I have been interpreting for 15 years.  As a hair stylist people are shocked to learn that I sign,”  stated Flo.  That is why Taylor Rose Hair Studio is so special because “We serve all people and the deaf community is welcome.  We also Se Hablo espanol!”

Florence stated that at the end of the day she wants people to simply know this, “If your hair is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me.” Taylor Rose Hair Salon is open to serve the community and all is welcome.  The staff is professional and knowledgeable. She noted future aspirations include a franchise, with hopes of becoming globally known for providing the best level of quality service.  Flo has recognized that to build an empire you must invest in others.  She explained school teaches the fundamentals, but not precisely how to do hair that comes with experience.  “I would like to teach the art of hair. My next objective is to launch establishments at some point in Paris, Texas and New York. I would love to break ground in the islands to provide services to those traveling. I need access to contacts and one day I will be able to say it’s done,” said Witherspoon.

Flo informed Canyon News that Taylor Rose Hair Studio is a place that provides the lights, camera, action type of feel with a pinch of the at home glitz.  With competitive prices located on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard (California State Route 2) and N. Genesse Avenue.  Taylor Rose Hair Studio is an oasis in the midst of West Hollywood, California.  Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m..  You can visit their website at www.taylorrosehairstudio.com.  For information about Flo visit www.stylesbyflo.com or follow on Instagram and Twitter @stylesbyflo and the salon at @taylorrosestudio.