HOLLYWOOD—Taylor Swift is officially the highest paid solo-female artist in music, according to a 2016 Forbes list. Forbes indicated that Swift was estimated to have earned $170 million in the past year.

“It’s this ability to appeal to younger and older audiences, and those in between, that makes Taylor such a sure bet with both concert promoters and brands who want to affiliate with her and with the community she has cultivated,” said entertainment attorney Lori Landew to Forbes.

The musician was endorsed various brands in 2016, including: Keds, Diet Coke, and Apple. Swift reportedly garnered most of her earnings, from her “1989” tour, where she earned $250 million, breaking Rolling Stone magazine’s North American touring record Forbes noted.

Others on the list included: Adele, who earned over $80.5 billion most from album sales to land in second place.

Forbes explained that most of the numbers were pulled from Pollstar, Nielsen, and the Recording Industry Association of America. Data pulled from those resources measure music sales and tour revenues. Forbes also interviewed managers, agents, lawyers, and some of the women on the list themselves.

Others on the list included Beyoncé, Madonna and Rihanna who earned most of their income from touring.