VENTURA—Tri-County Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (TC GLAD) spoke with Canyon News and shared news aout their agency, how they work, and what they do. Tri-County Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafess is a subsidiary of the GLAD, Inc. where there are three main employees: regional director, Julianna Fjeld, advocate, Hal Hunter-Suddreth, administrative assistant, Jasmine Casey, and interpreter, Mark Robinson.

TC GLAD started in 1988 and is an organization that aids deaf and hard of hearing people in finding jobs, solving boss-employee problems, and finding one’s identity within their community. This agency encompasses 7 categories: Communication, Peer Counseling, Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Job Development Information and Referral, and Community Education. There are many aspects to this agency, but the main focus is reaching the 72,000 deaf and/or hard of hearing individuals in Ventura County and instructing them how to function, occupation wise, in a hearing workforce.

Hal Hunter-Suddreth is the man that works one-on-one with clients. He assists in polishing resumes, coaches them on how to interview well, and intervenes when there is miscommunication with employers. Hal has been with the agency for 4 years and has a high success rate with his clients’ employment.

Fjeld keeps the TC GLAD office running with the correct paperwork, supervision, and lawsuits that need to be brought in order to effectively aid deaf people in the workforce. Fjeld is deaf, as well as Hunter-Suddreth, and have first hand experience of deafness in a hearing world. This team’s heart to support, encourage, assist, and instruct deaf people is seen and felt in the warm welcome one receives at their office. The deaf-friendly videos and interpreter on staff is a testament to reach the deaf community and those around them.

Tri-County Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness is growing, touching the lives of many and with the help of the county, has a bright and hopeful future ahead of them.

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