BEVERLY HILLS—The newest members of Team Beverly Hills have been appointed. Team Beverly Hills is program that focuses on interacting and educating the community about local government, departments, programs, community issues and any associated to the community of Beverly Hills. 

The program has been helping the community since 1996 creating an environment where the community feels involved. Objectives including building resources for citizens, develop leadership within the environment, educate residence and involve residence in community activities.

The program will be starting its 24th year this fall. Allowing everyday residents to get an opportunity to see what is like to be apart of public service such as city council, firefighters, police, etc. The team meets up to about 10 times a year, participating in city events. 

“We have been offering this program for over 20 years now and it continues to be extremely popular,” said Pamela Mottice-Muller, Director of the City’s Office of Resilience.  “The City receives a high number of Team Beverly Hills applications each year, making it difficult to select candidates. We had over 80 applications this year and had an amazing pool of resident applicants to choose from. We are excited for the kickoff of our upcoming season.”

The list of the 2019-2020 Team Beverly Hills are listed below:

  • Melanie Abrams
  • Mario Apuzzo
  • Ria Berkus
  • Marc Carrel
  • Marianne Chambers
  • Kirk Y. Chang, M.D.
  • Frederick Dapp
  • Roberta Anne Eidman
  • Jordan Elist
  • Jeffrey Evans
  • Adam Frankel
  • Noelle Freeman
  • Anya Freedman
  • Hila Gelfer
  • Andrew Geller
  • Janine Gershon
  • Fred Gluckman
  • Wayne S. Gradman
  • Christina Grewal
  • Russell Philip Haber
  • Bob Hakimfar
  • Fred M. Kaplan
  • Jonathan Kohanoff
  • Derek Kramer
  • Edward Lepkowitz
  • Melissa S. Lewkowicz
  • Joaquin Lippincott
  • Mike Lloyd
  • Milan Lojdl
  • Shelly Lucky
  • Anthony Mayorkas
  • Natasha Melamed
  • Aaron Nazarian
  • Homayoon Nehoray
  • Wendy Nystrom
  • Thomas Recupero
  • Amy Roland
  • Helena Rosenthal
  • Samuel Rotenberg
  • Stephanie Rund
  • Ellie Samadi
  • Cynthia Shafto
  • Adonis Angelo Antonio Simmons
  • Jennifer Stein Simms
  • Julie Solnit
  • Carol Stein
  • Scott Syme Jr.
  • Sid Turkish
  • Sandra Walder
  • David Wellisch

To learn more details about Team Beverly Hills and fill out an application online, visit or call (310) 285-1014. The next application period will occur in spring 2020.